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Create, Publish, and Sell eBooks, A/V books, flipbooks and digital programs in one place.

All-in-one web based creation tool, display app, and sales channel

Create encrypted, rights-managed browser based ebooks, pdfs, video and audio books on your Cloudshelf. Sell your content easily, or share publicly or privately. Since the ecosystem is web based, theres no special app needed or DRM workflow to read your content. Your customers will love it.

Your content delivered to desktops, tablets and phones via browser.


Write, edit, publish, view and sell your works from one easy- to-use platform


Projects and publications are sync’d from your Cloudshelf to browsers worldwide

Own your content. Own your future.

Own your content and its Rights. We’re inspiring content owners and writers to scale themselves in the new creative economy. Skip paying expensive setup costs and royalties and, not letting your projects Rights be held hostage.

Fast, and protected

When you publish your work, your content contains Digital Rights Management encryption. Only the intended recipient can view.

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Since our tool is web-based, it’s both Mac and PC friendly for all users to create and view your work.

Reach more People

Create new content to distribute and sell. Or, transform previous content such as blog posts, pdfs, youtube media and web content.

Cloudshelf is perfect for:

ebook creators

Write and publish ebooks with encryption using our built in creator for ePUB3 and PDF.
You can even sell them direct and cut out the middle man.

Course creators

Re-purpose your existing whitepapers, blog posts, articles into ebooks, PDFs and dynamic flipbooks.

Video/Audio Creators

Get more channel subscribers and reach a broader audience by converting your social media videos into lead magnets by publishing them to ebooks and PDFs


Deliver added value services to your clients, by repurposing their content into PDFs and ebooks using client branded templates.

brand marketing

Increase brand awareness by re-purposing your existing whitepapers, blog posts, articles into ebooks, PDFs

small businesses

Publish posts, articles and videos into ebooks to use as lead magnets to grow your subscribers and customer base.

How it works

Create or repurpose your content, Publish it with our DRM solution, to Sell to your audience 

Content Creation Tool

Start with a design template or from scratch. Our online editor makes it simple to create. Write, paste, add photos, video, audio and save to an ebook, PDF or Flipbook to share on your own Cloudshelf.

Publish at-will

Create and revise to your hearts content. When your document is ready for prime time, simply Publish, and your documents are shared to your Cloudshelf for you to share or sell.

Share, or Sell

Invite viewers to your entire Cloudshelf or just what you want them to see. As a premium user, you can even sell your eBooks and other works.

Get Onboard Cloudshelf

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